Trustless Web3 Database

An open source ledger database that provides a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable transaction log.


Append-only, immutable journal tracks history of all changes


All changes are cryptographically chained and verifiable

Open Source

Build the developer ecosystem and community, Community Attestation Service

Easy to Use

Familiar SQL operators, IPLD data model supports nested data structures

Our Trusted Clients

Start working with Pando that ensuring access to notarized metadata for nodes in the network.

Why JiaoziDB Matters to Customers?

When businesses have to cooperate, they need a way to verify and trust each other.


Data with provenance at scale.


Ability to prove data integrity to customers, auditors, regulators.


Lineage is built-in,not built-on.

IPLD Compatible

Append-only, immutable journal tracks history of all changes.


No need to provision storage or IO in advance, Scalable and highly available.

Easy to use

Familiar SQL operators,data model is rich and expressive.

JiaoziDB Use Cases

Any place where people need to build a circle of trust is a good place to deploy a ledger database.

Filecoin Retrieval Market

Serve the nodes in Filecoin Retrieval Market which refers to the process of negotiating deals for a provider to serve stored data to a client.


A mechanism which produces a score for nodes in a network, indicating the trust in a likely positive experience with them.

Off-chain/Side-chain storage

Provide data integrity for off-chain/side-chain storage of blockchain networks, which helps ensure data trust through the entire system.

Store financial transactions

Create a complete and accurate record of all financial transactions, such as credit and debit transactions.

Reconcile supply chain systems

Record the history of each transaction and provide details of every batch manufactured, shipped, stored, and sold from facility to store.

Maintain claims history

Track a claim over its lifetime, and cryptographically verify data integrity to make the application resilient against data entry errors and manipulation.

Centralize digital records

Implement a system-of-record application to create a complete, centralized record of employee details such as payroll, bonus, and benefits.

Multiple-party business processes

In some systems, such as supply-chain management systems, multiple organizations must share state from a business process with one another.

Streamlining audits

Provide cryptographic proof of data integrity to auditors. This proof can help streamline the auditing process. It also provides nonrepudiation regarding the integrity of the system's data.

Jiaozi Family

Find out what KEN Labs’ products and solutions are helping enterprises build trustless Cloud and Offchain Storage of Web3.

Jiaozi Ledger

Offchain State Tree Storage (Ledger database) based on IPLD.

Jiaozi KV

NFT offchain storage (KV Database) based on IPLD.

Jiaozi Spark

OffChain Computing (FVM&IPFS-FAN) Over IPLD.

About us

Delivering the industry’s
Trustless Cloud of Web3.

Our goal is to create a research environment rich in opportunities for product impact, to build a product environment that actively benefits from research.

Start working with JiaoziDB that bring rust and integrity into the data life cycle by providing end-to-end cryptographically verifiable tracking and provenance for all artifacts, actions, and dependencies, at scale.

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Write down the solution

Finally, We consider step 3 as a reminder that formulating the solution requires at least as much care and attention as the previous steps.


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