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Get engaged into Web3 with KEN Labs‘ education and hackathons.


12-16 weeks teaching Metaverse & Web 3 to new developers from Web 2.0 space.


4-8 weeks programmes to build a Metaverse project from scratch.


10-week programmes to help early-stage projects advance to next level.


Backing the brightest hackers with great idea.

Our Story: getting your hands dirty

Start Course with getting your hands dirty. That should always be a good balance between the pure theoretical training and practical approaches.

The world of Metaverse is evolving, contexts are changing fast, technology is advancing and the field of knowledge exceeds the human capacity to store and manage all the information. It’s clear therefore that training is vital because, without it, nobody will be able to keep up with the new challenges.

Regardless of the person’s age or experience, the “hands-on” aspect – that has always supplemented the theory – is often the most important one.

  • Organized by KEN Labs and Protocol Labs
  • Taught by professional instructors with practical expertise
  • Boot campers will find themselves quickly growing

Our Events

Start working with KEN Labs that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.

12-16 weeks, Starting January 2022

Twelve education events over 12 weeks covering a range of topics to educate the next generation of students wtih Metaverse’s technology.

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A dedicated, 8-week Filecoin hackathon

Teams compete to build the best projects, win great prizes and a chance to join the Accelerator program which starts after the hackathon.

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A workshop and 1-on-1 session every week

KEN Labs helps you with everything from technical building, design, product testing and fundraising.Assisted by leading investors in the space.

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